Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear readers, it has been a while that i did not post anything in my blog, to tell you the truth, it is due to my internet availability. And now, i think, i'm a bit available on it, but it only while i'm at my wife house at Ranau. as long as i'm at kampung as it concerned, i'm not available, however i'll do my best to be available, tq,.

Ok, as you read at my title post above, i would like to talk about the existing football tournament at Matunggong so called "Piala Bersatu,-Pengadil MATFA". it a join tournament by PBS and Persatuan Pengadil Daerah Kecil Matunggong. Participated by 11 football teams around Matunggong and divided by 2 groups in one round robben league system in a group stage. Top 2 teams in each groups will automatically qualified to semi final matches.

I was appointed as an Chief of selection panels by Tournaments Organizer Committee, so my duty is to selecting players that i think qualified to representing Matunggong football team in near future SABAH FA football tournament. i had started scouting players as early as possible in order to get more views on players that i intended to call-up for selection training (if i appointed as coach). 

So as i see the matches goes, i founded out that Matunggong have so many quality football players, i was wondering why the existing MATFA officials unable to come-up with very strong Matunggong football team. Based on my knowledge and experience, if i given an opportunity to coaching this group of players, i think, i can build-up a very credible team that Matunggong ever had. i could see there are 3-5 players could play in M-League, if given proper football training.

The quality of the teams overally  is good as it only a District level, however, most of the teams are lack of technical and tectical game plan, the problem as i seen it was the lack of experience and knowledge of "know how" of the team managements, most of the coaches seems just deployed formation without knowing or understand the players abilities. However, this problem is understable due to the fact that the chain of knowedage is still far from them!.

that's all i can comment for now, my english seems off the tone little bit due lack of precticing, but i will regain it once i regurally back on blogging. Until then, see u in the next post. tq