Saturday, March 16, 2013


Many people says that modern football is all about new playing styles, i.e formations, technical and tactical. Here, i would like to elaborate what it is all about so that you guys understand it correctly, because most of the local coaches and management teams do not really understand it very well, therefore they misleading the players and teams, so i’m not surprise they failed to achieve its goal.   

The term is not actually refers to the playing styles and tactical alone, that is the only output of the combination of efforts, investments, educations and technologies that involved in the world of football developments. Playing styles actually is the art of football, that is why the term of “Samba”, “Total Football” , “Marathon football” and many more has accrued. So same goes to the tactical, technical and formations. “4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-5-1 and many more, all of those has already exist since in very first of World Cup has organized. 

So, what is actually means of Modern Football? 150 years ago, British have reinvented football (from ancient football) by introducing a new rules and regulations. The result of the new rules is the born of new sport called “MODERN FOOTBALL” ever since. The fragment of this ancient football is also new sport called “RUGBY”. Ever since, the term of modern football has been use until today.
However, the term of modern football has changed for the last 30 years ago due to the rapid development of football. Football still the same but the way of its played has changed a lots after the “efforts” of the governance body of FIFA to modernized the football by involvement of “investments”, “educations” and “technologies”, so here is the new MODERN FOOTBALL that people talk about nowadays.

Without investment, the football will not as what we seen today, there are so many large companies has jumped in to invest in football due to large volume of football followers around of the globe. The facilities, merchandise, advertisements and many more type of investments has returned a billion of dollars to investors.

Estimated 80 % of the professional players in Europe has better academic qualification, this scenario has helped the players to be more comparative, because they are smart and intelligence. When are player equipped with better academic qualification, he will always make a right decision on and off the field. That is the reason why all the top clubs in the world have their own education programs for the players. Talent alone does not guarantee success for players, therefore academic have playing are big part for the players development.

Technology is very significant in any sports nowadays, especially sport science. Healing period has much shorter, supplement foods is more effective, training methods is more comprehensive, football equipment is more and more lighter, football peach is more safer and many more.

Due to the improvement and involvement of the said above, players nowadays get much better mentally, physically, technically and educated. That is the reason why football intensity nowadays is more exciting than before.

To be a good football player needs lots of effort, discipline and education. Football has become a career and business in modern football due to large amount of money can be generated from its activities. Therefore in order to be successful in football career, do take a lots of efforts in football training to gain more skills, technical and tactical ability, very high discipline on and off the field to have a good and long football career and get as high as possible academic qualification, because only a smart footballer can survive and success in this modern football even after playing career is over. SO, THINK ABOUT IT AND DO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


It has been a month Matunggong FA team has setup, along the way, we have seen very encouraging improvement among the players individually. This is a good sign to our footballers and football teams in the District. Those players will improved his local team when they play in next local league, therefore, our local league will more competitive than before, and i hope it will benefit the Matunggong FA team in future.

I am so proud with newly setup football team management of Matunggong FA, they have made it possible for some thought it impossible before. This is called “eyes opener” to the people of Matunggong that we can do it if we put more effort on it. We was heard so many excuses before how hard to setup this District team, but here we proven it wrong, at this present time, we have senior and junior team. The junior team will take part in next SAGA Sport tournament in PBU level. So we hope them to do better and we sure they will do better as well.

As a coach for the teams, i will do my upmost best to help them to grow as are good players on and off the field and good team players. Matunggong has a lots of talented players who can anytime can play in Malaysian Football League if given proper training, beside players willingness to work hard. I am sure the team management is happy to see this teams progressing well to the right direction. Thanks to the upmost cooperation given by Referee Club of Matunggong all this while, without your support, we might nowhere from where we were before or the same old stories.

To the Matunggong FA’s AJKs, especially to its President..we would like to thank you for your support by recognition the team as an “District Official Team”. Therefore by its recognition, there will be no more doubt arose about the team anymore. However, recognition given itself is not enough to make us strong if it not follow-up by other action to support the team. Because this is our (people of Matunggong) team, not my team, not to the management team. Please support us as you support your own team. By doing so, you will indirectly helping the team and our football development progressing well as planned. Do support us by the action, we do not need your words because action means action. The only action you have available now is to call “MATUNGGONG FA AGM MEETING” as soon as possible. Please listen to the football lover of Matunggong, because they were cried out loud all along for your productive action. 

We have to restructure the FA of Matunggong management in order for us to move forward. I am not saying that you have done nothing positive in the past, but now is the right time that we need new leadership to bring us to next level of direction and level of football of Matunggong. Our Referee Club has moved forward rapidly due to the self restructuration they made last year (i am present in that meeting) 2012. Now everybody saw the vest improvement of our referees quality and quantity. In this scenario, i really wish for FA’s positive move for the sake of Matunggong football. Do let the qualified person to run the FA of Matunggong. Because, we need new IDEAS, new Leader and new DIRECTION with sincere commitment.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The 4 top football teams in Matunggong

The ongoing football tournament in Matunggong District will finally come to an end by this weekend 2pm at SMK Pinawantai. there are two final matches will be hold on that day, NGK FC VS PBKR (Radtak) will fight for 3rd placing in the morning 8am, at the same venue and SUGO FC VS PATORAJA JR FC to fight for the championship in the afternoon 2pm.

Let me give some comments and tips for the four teams here, hopefully it's could be a guidelines to the teams, here we go!

I can called this team as "England" of Matunggong. The team that never reach to its real potential. NGK team is the only team in the league that has the"aura"and ability to turn things around in a split second. They are well experience, intelligent, hard working and "know how" players. However NGK always beaten by themselves due to the "must winning" pressure.

Defensive - they are very solid whosoever defensive players in the defensive line but they are luck of fitness, so the opponent have to attack them with pace in order to break them down.

Midfield - this is the area that makes NGK really different to other teams in the league. Creative, vision, intelligent and "pin point" ball passes. And yet, fitness and focus could be the turning point for them especially when the team is leading the score. The only way to bet them is to unsettle the formation and stop the ball delivering to strikers.

Attacking - arguably the best strike force in the league, good movement, positioning, clinical and intelligent in decision making. They only need few chances to score goals, however they are luck of understanding and fitness.

PBKR FC (Radtak)
The sleeping Giant of Matunggong! hahaha that the words that i think most suitable for this team. The team that once a dominant team in Matunggong 1970an until 1990, but sadly they ware disappeared for so long..honestly speaking, it is very good to have them back in the map of Matunggong football! However they are in the process of rebuilding the team at the moment, so we can't aspect too much from them at this next couple of years., but i am sure they will getting stronger and stronger in each tournament they participate in future.

Defensive - Good Goal Keeper, just that luck of experience and basic goal keeping skills, however if it not his excellent performances, they might ended in the group stage without going further.Defensively they are the weakest among the final four teams. None stop attacking style could harm them due to the luck of basic defending ability although they are looking fit throughout the tournament.

Midfield - Hard working but luck of creativity and vision beside delivering quality is poor,  all the midfield players has similar playing style, so it easier for the opponent to close them up.

Attacking - Moderate strikers and easy to predict the movement. this team playing "counter attack" style but sadly they don't have reliable striker to do the job.

The "Germany" of Matunggong! i love to watching them playing with the bunch of talented players. Hard working, tough and mostly a technical players. Matunggong league will lost its excitement without them, it just that every time they playing, they always lift theirs mind at home! The opponent could have problem to bit them if not really have the right game plan, because they are very tough team to play. The main problem for the team is the players' focus, you can easily misfunctioning they focus by divert it into mind game.

Defensive - Poor goal keeping but very tough and organize defending, Very hard and committed defending is the key to they back line success. However giving so many free kick to opponent could harm them due to poor goal keeping judgement, therefore, need skillful striker to bet and get as much as possible set-peaces available.

Midfield - physically strong and close ball is pretty good as well as the movements. The only problem for them is that luck of vision and pin point passes. Easy to closing them down by mobility opponent players.

Attacking - The main problem of the team! unable to play as a team, individually good and skillful players but luck of team spirit beside playing style is a same. Need steady defenders to stop them.

The "Italian" copy :) move slowly from the back, pick-up the pace in the middle and ended by blasting pace at the end. That the Italian job!. The team that i can describe the "new power horse of Matunggong" They will be a dominance team for next 5 to 6 years depending to the way this team get along  together.The weakness of this team is that too casual, it could lead to lose focus and soon after getting panic while too much individual playing up-front.

Defensive - Untested goal keeper, thanks to solid defensive back four, however it seem like goal keeper's has luck of pace and agility. Defensively strong, experience and look steady due to simple game playing style, but always having problem  in reading the game and leadership quality at the back. Will be in trouble if the opponent strikers doing "inter-changing position" with "cut-in movement".

Midfield - Very strong physically, fast, well organize and structured movement.However, although they have intelligent players, bat also luck of "pin-point" passing toward strikers. Man to man marking should enough to stop them rolling around the ball but do they (opponent) have ball winner players to do the job? i don't think so.

Attacking - Very fast and strong! they can score goal at any angles and clearly very hard to stop them at this level of league. However, always off position and need a lots of scoring opportunity to score goal. the only way to stop them is that...."force them to individually".

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's has been a long 2 months for football lover of Matunggong District waiting for the final of Piala Bersatu- Pengadil MATFA Matunggong 2012. It is delayed due to heavy rain of December in the District. This phenomena has forced the tournament organizer to moved its football venue to Padang Kg. Radtak, I really felt pleased and happy with the spirit and cooperation given by Radtak people to allow the tournament held there. Thank you Guys! 

The long awaited final match is between SUGO FC VS PATORAJA JR FC. I must congratulating them for the high spirit shown for the entire tournament till to the final. The match venue has returned to Padang SMK Pinawantai, on 9th February 2013, kick-off at 2pm. The 3rd placing final also hold in the same venue and kick-off at 8am the same day between RADTAK FC VS NGK FC.

Our lovely Minister of Sciance Technology and Inovation Malaysia Datuk Sri Dr. Maximus Ongkili will offeciate the closing ceremony, while the other VVIPs YB Encik Sarapin Magana, ADUN N.4 Matunggong and Dato Jelani Hamdan, President of SAMORA will present at the final. therefor, i would like to encourage Matunggong folks to come and enjoy the final match while meeting our great leaders as well.There will be an important messages will deliver by our leaders during the closing ceremony..that for sure!

Ok, lets talk about football..hahaha. i would like to talk the 3rd placing match first because it will hold in the morning, 8am. Honestly it could be an one side winner between NGK Fc VS RADTAK FC. I strongly believe that NGK should have no problem to come out as the winner due to the experience and quality they has compare to Radtak Fc, which is more on lucky to be in the final four, thanks to the goal keeper's excellent performances throughout the tournament. NGK FC is one of the strongest team in Matunggong for last couple of years and considered as a team to beat in any tournaments in Kudat area, however it came too early for them as unexpectedly lost to SUGO FC 1-2 in semi-final match.

The final match will so close and i can called at 50-50 winner, due to the quality of the both team. However Patoraje Jr Fc would have an edge over SUGO due to experience, discipline and team work. SUGO FC more on physical players and hard work.Unless early goal could be decisive for both teams and whoever score early could ba a winner. I will not write off SUGO but i do feel by experience that Patoraja Jr FC could be a champion.Therefore let come on Saturday and enjoy the show!