Saturday, January 4, 2014

New life.

It's has been a few months i did not update my blog.. you guys must be wonder where have i been hahaha... i am.. I have a new job in Forestry Department at Forest Management Unit (FMU).. Frankly speaking, i am not a forestry academic background at all.. I am are Information Technology (IT) background..and yet, i am here in the forest! I only have basic knowledge of forest as kampung boy lifehood..learn the jungle and its "communities" as it what it is....pretty tough haaa.. :). 

However, nobody know what God planning to us..i only follow the flow of life accordingly without hesitation at all, because i know for sure that i will survive. i do have a good experience in many sectors (Education, Sports, Estate and Management). Thanks God for this opportunity given because i know for sure that there are only very few people could have such a kind of experiences and opportunities available in life. I am might one of them! 

Having an own project while working in the new field is something new for me, however thanks for the experiences and knowledge that i has in life.. as for now i do have no problem to handle it, and hopefully things goes as planned..I certainly sure about that as long as God willing :p. With my other projects is ongoing as well, i do able to control it now and for next 2-3 years, but i realized that i might need to handover some responsibility to my trusted person to handle it in the near future, that for sure (if things goes well)...else? i have no idea..i haven't think about it yet.. my mind still caching up all this forestry things! so many things that i have to learn here... until then..see yaa... :)