Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's has been a long 2 months for football lover of Matunggong District waiting for the final of Piala Bersatu- Pengadil MATFA Matunggong 2012. It is delayed due to heavy rain of December in the District. This phenomena has forced the tournament organizer to moved its football venue to Padang Kg. Radtak, I really felt pleased and happy with the spirit and cooperation given by Radtak people to allow the tournament held there. Thank you Guys! 

The long awaited final match is between SUGO FC VS PATORAJA JR FC. I must congratulating them for the high spirit shown for the entire tournament till to the final. The match venue has returned to Padang SMK Pinawantai, on 9th February 2013, kick-off at 2pm. The 3rd placing final also hold in the same venue and kick-off at 8am the same day between RADTAK FC VS NGK FC.

Our lovely Minister of Sciance Technology and Inovation Malaysia Datuk Sri Dr. Maximus Ongkili will offeciate the closing ceremony, while the other VVIPs YB Encik Sarapin Magana, ADUN N.4 Matunggong and Dato Jelani Hamdan, President of SAMORA will present at the final. therefor, i would like to encourage Matunggong folks to come and enjoy the final match while meeting our great leaders as well.There will be an important messages will deliver by our leaders during the closing ceremony..that for sure!

Ok, lets talk about football..hahaha. i would like to talk the 3rd placing match first because it will hold in the morning, 8am. Honestly it could be an one side winner between NGK Fc VS RADTAK FC. I strongly believe that NGK should have no problem to come out as the winner due to the experience and quality they has compare to Radtak Fc, which is more on lucky to be in the final four, thanks to the goal keeper's excellent performances throughout the tournament. NGK FC is one of the strongest team in Matunggong for last couple of years and considered as a team to beat in any tournaments in Kudat area, however it came too early for them as unexpectedly lost to SUGO FC 1-2 in semi-final match.

The final match will so close and i can called at 50-50 winner, due to the quality of the both team. However Patoraje Jr Fc would have an edge over SUGO due to experience, discipline and team work. SUGO FC more on physical players and hard work.Unless early goal could be decisive for both teams and whoever score early could ba a winner. I will not write off SUGO but i do feel by experience that Patoraja Jr FC could be a champion.Therefore let come on Saturday and enjoy the show! 

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