Saturday, March 16, 2013


Many people says that modern football is all about new playing styles, i.e formations, technical and tactical. Here, i would like to elaborate what it is all about so that you guys understand it correctly, because most of the local coaches and management teams do not really understand it very well, therefore they misleading the players and teams, so i’m not surprise they failed to achieve its goal.   

The term is not actually refers to the playing styles and tactical alone, that is the only output of the combination of efforts, investments, educations and technologies that involved in the world of football developments. Playing styles actually is the art of football, that is why the term of “Samba”, “Total Football” , “Marathon football” and many more has accrued. So same goes to the tactical, technical and formations. “4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-5-1 and many more, all of those has already exist since in very first of World Cup has organized. 

So, what is actually means of Modern Football? 150 years ago, British have reinvented football (from ancient football) by introducing a new rules and regulations. The result of the new rules is the born of new sport called “MODERN FOOTBALL” ever since. The fragment of this ancient football is also new sport called “RUGBY”. Ever since, the term of modern football has been use until today.
However, the term of modern football has changed for the last 30 years ago due to the rapid development of football. Football still the same but the way of its played has changed a lots after the “efforts” of the governance body of FIFA to modernized the football by involvement of “investments”, “educations” and “technologies”, so here is the new MODERN FOOTBALL that people talk about nowadays.

Without investment, the football will not as what we seen today, there are so many large companies has jumped in to invest in football due to large volume of football followers around of the globe. The facilities, merchandise, advertisements and many more type of investments has returned a billion of dollars to investors.

Estimated 80 % of the professional players in Europe has better academic qualification, this scenario has helped the players to be more comparative, because they are smart and intelligence. When are player equipped with better academic qualification, he will always make a right decision on and off the field. That is the reason why all the top clubs in the world have their own education programs for the players. Talent alone does not guarantee success for players, therefore academic have playing are big part for the players development.

Technology is very significant in any sports nowadays, especially sport science. Healing period has much shorter, supplement foods is more effective, training methods is more comprehensive, football equipment is more and more lighter, football peach is more safer and many more.

Due to the improvement and involvement of the said above, players nowadays get much better mentally, physically, technically and educated. That is the reason why football intensity nowadays is more exciting than before.

To be a good football player needs lots of effort, discipline and education. Football has become a career and business in modern football due to large amount of money can be generated from its activities. Therefore in order to be successful in football career, do take a lots of efforts in football training to gain more skills, technical and tactical ability, very high discipline on and off the field to have a good and long football career and get as high as possible academic qualification, because only a smart footballer can survive and success in this modern football even after playing career is over. SO, THINK ABOUT IT AND DO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

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