Sunday, March 10, 2013


It has been a month Matunggong FA team has setup, along the way, we have seen very encouraging improvement among the players individually. This is a good sign to our footballers and football teams in the District. Those players will improved his local team when they play in next local league, therefore, our local league will more competitive than before, and i hope it will benefit the Matunggong FA team in future.

I am so proud with newly setup football team management of Matunggong FA, they have made it possible for some thought it impossible before. This is called “eyes opener” to the people of Matunggong that we can do it if we put more effort on it. We was heard so many excuses before how hard to setup this District team, but here we proven it wrong, at this present time, we have senior and junior team. The junior team will take part in next SAGA Sport tournament in PBU level. So we hope them to do better and we sure they will do better as well.

As a coach for the teams, i will do my upmost best to help them to grow as are good players on and off the field and good team players. Matunggong has a lots of talented players who can anytime can play in Malaysian Football League if given proper training, beside players willingness to work hard. I am sure the team management is happy to see this teams progressing well to the right direction. Thanks to the upmost cooperation given by Referee Club of Matunggong all this while, without your support, we might nowhere from where we were before or the same old stories.

To the Matunggong FA’s AJKs, especially to its President..we would like to thank you for your support by recognition the team as an “District Official Team”. Therefore by its recognition, there will be no more doubt arose about the team anymore. However, recognition given itself is not enough to make us strong if it not follow-up by other action to support the team. Because this is our (people of Matunggong) team, not my team, not to the management team. Please support us as you support your own team. By doing so, you will indirectly helping the team and our football development progressing well as planned. Do support us by the action, we do not need your words because action means action. The only action you have available now is to call “MATUNGGONG FA AGM MEETING” as soon as possible. Please listen to the football lover of Matunggong, because they were cried out loud all along for your productive action. 

We have to restructure the FA of Matunggong management in order for us to move forward. I am not saying that you have done nothing positive in the past, but now is the right time that we need new leadership to bring us to next level of direction and level of football of Matunggong. Our Referee Club has moved forward rapidly due to the self restructuration they made last year (i am present in that meeting) 2012. Now everybody saw the vest improvement of our referees quality and quantity. In this scenario, i really wish for FA’s positive move for the sake of Matunggong football. Do let the qualified person to run the FA of Matunggong. Because, we need new IDEAS, new Leader and new DIRECTION with sincere commitment.

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